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This is my fitblr

I love this! Safe fitspo :)

You are not a machine.

This is actual motivation, I’m legitimately motivated.

This makes me feel better, thank you, op.

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Yo estuve en ese lugar! I went there on June 2013!

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Do something today that your future will thank you for!


No more excuses. GO.

6:00 am. Lets go for a run!

i’ve been very busy…you know, law school is taking my soul slowly. I’m not running anymore but i will sart training again. My aunt has cancer and i’m planning to run in a 5k to rise money for the cancer treatment. Im looking for a fresh begining, i really want to make the diference in this world.

By the way, im still in good shape. Im 23 and 145.6 pounds and my currents measures are: waist 29 in. and hips 39 in. SO! considering that my waist was as big as 44 inches…is not that bad, right?

Bless you all my ppl!

Such is life!


I just want to thanks to all my followers! You guys means so much to me…I will always be here to support you in this healthy journey.  

                                Thank you all guys! 

                                         kisses for you!

mmmm antojo!

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